Help Write the Story of Corvallis!

If you are involved in a project or program that moves the community toward the 2040 Vision, you are encouraged to submit an Initiative. The Imagine Corvallis Action Network Advisory Board will then review your Initiative to determine its validity.
Submit an initiative by completing the application below, or downloading the PDF and emailing to Heather Stevens at

See complete list of current initiatives >>>
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Title of Initiative
Name of individual and organization
Organization’s or Initiative’s Website
Phone Number
Mailing Address
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Description of Initiative: Please describe what you will be doing and why it is important.(Maximum 300 words - If you want to provide additional information, please attach a separate page.)
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Relationship of the Initiative to Vision/Community Action Plan Objectives.​​

Click here for full text of the objectives:

Initiatives, milestones and/or targets and timeframe
Partners: Please list others involved in the Initiative and the nature of their involvement.
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Timeframe: Is the Initiative currently underway? If so, when did it begin and when is it anticipated to be completed? If this is a new Initiative, when will it begin and end?
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Funding: Do you have the funds and any other needed resources? What are your funding sources?
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Equity and Accessibility: Please describe how your Initiative will address equity and accessibility.
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Approvals: Does the Initiative require any approvals or agreements? If so, have these been obtained? If not, what is the process and timeframe for getting the approvals you need?
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If your project does not relate to the Corvallis Climate Action Plan, please stop here. If your project does relate to the Climate Action Plan, please continue and answer the next section.

Which of the sections of the Climate Action Plan does your Initiative address? The Climate Action Plan can be accessed at:
Action Type:
What direct impact will your project have on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and/or preparing community members to adapt to the impacts of climate change (drought, wildfires, flooding, etc.)?
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Does your project have any co-benefits (e.g. healthy local economy and local self-reliance, energy efficiency and greater energy independence from fossil fuels, sound economic investments, community livability, environmental quality and ecosystem resiliency, public health and well-being, equity and accessibility for low income/disadvantaged community members)?
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What type of help, if any, do you need from the members of the Climate Action Advisory Board?
If other, please describe:
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I hereby agree that my participation and involvement with the Imagine Corvallis Action Network is in alignment with the City of Corvallis' policy on equal protection, treatment, and representation of all persons that honors diversity and diverse interests, and aspires to be free of prejudice, bigotry, and hate.
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